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Digital Camera Care and Maintenance

June 10, 2012
digital camera cleaning

Regularly cleaning your camera is pretty much a ‘must do’. There are so many environmental factors that can affect your camera and lens, that at some point it will be something you should take care of.

This is especially the case with your lenses, and the camera body that houses the mirror.

An Air Blaster is perfect for this. Smaller than this one is generally not a good idea, as in my experience not enough force is generated by the pump. This one in particular is really good, as it has a one way valve that doesn’t allow any dust to go back into the pump (not all of them do).

cleaning digital cameraWhere dust or some kind of grit on the lens is concerned, simply position the blaster close to it and squeeze. Once should be enough with this one. It can really save the risk of possibly scratching the lens by trying to wipe it.

For inside the camera body and mirror, detach the lens and unless there is dust on the mirror, use the mirror lock-up setting and then press the shutter release, it will remain there while you clean the inside. One blast of air should do the trick with the Giottos Medium Rocket Air Blaster, then simply reset the mirror and re-attach the lens and you should be good to go.

Digital Dave


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