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Trick of the Eye Photography

June 9, 2012
trick photography

I was looking around online sometime ago and found this picture which may be of interest to you.

It’s a negative of a woman, yet if you look at it directly for two minutes or more without shifting your gaze too much, and then look at a white wall or piece of paper, you will see the positive image.

This is a rather interesting effect of the human retina in the eye. I knew about this sometime ago in relation to working out the perfect opposite of a color. If you look at any solid color for some time and then transfer your view to a white surface, you will see the colors exact opposite complimentary color. It’s a very useful trick for artists.

The picture is clearly a clever ad by Sony, as can be seen by the Sony compact ‘point and shoot’ camera in her hand. Sony just recently posted an annual loss of 2.3 million dollars, which doesn’t really bode well for Sony cameras.

At this time, it’s only believed Sony will remove themselves from the television market in the near future as a cost cutting measure. Hopefully their mirrorless cameras won’t go the same way.

In any case, take a look at the picture below, I’m sure bearing in mind the above, Sony won’t mind me re-posting it here.

trick photography

Digital Dave


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